Future Ready Mentor Toolkit

Aim High

For students of all ages, a high school diploma or its equivalent is an essential building block for success. What’s more, taking challenging courses in high school is the single best predictor of how well students will do in college.

  • MassCore is the state recommended program of study which includes a rigorous list of courses and learning opportunities to ensure students are college and career ready. General ResourcesCollege and Career Ready PDF
  • What you should know about common core? 
    Common Core: The Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, which incorporate the Common Core State Standards, are clear, specific goals for what students should know and be able to do at the end of each grade, in each content area. 
  • Challenging coursework like advanced placement and dual enrollment while in high school helps prepare students for the challenges of college. Explore these and other learning options.
    Advanced Placement Courses: www.doe.mass.edu/ap/
    Dual Enrollment: www.mass.edu/strategic/read_cdep.asp 
    Online: www.doe.mass.edu/odl/cmvs/
  • The Middle School and High School Checklists contain information about the early steps students can take to ensure successful completion of high school.