Future Ready Spotlight Podcast

The Future Ready Spotlight podcast series serves to facilitate discussions with individuals around the Commonwealth who have found unique and innovative ways to engage students in their education and help them think about career goals.


Episode 5 | Innovation with PTC


On this episode, we learn about cultivating innovation with PTC, which integrates product development and design thinking processes into its academic programs, providing the academic and applied skills students need to be college and career ready in the 21st century.

Episode 4 | Summer Learning


On this episode of Future Ready Spotlight, we learn about the Hasbro Summer Learning Initiative in Springfield, Massachusetts which integrates literacy into enrichment activities in summer and after school programming -- the goal of which is to eliminate summer learning loss.

Episode 3 | Career Ready Essentials


On this episode of Future Ready Spotlight, we learn about a new curriculum created by Commonwealth Corporation, Signal Success, which is helping young people acquire the soft skills they need to succeed in entry level work opportunities.