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Morning Memo: What We’re Reading

Happy Monday!

In this morning's memo, we highlight articles and an animated short that examine the power of strong early education foundations, a look into cultural barriers in STEM and the positive benefits of applied skills in the classroom. Take a peak at the future ready topics we're following. Read on!

The short animation examines the creation of early interventions such children's educational programming and pre-kindergarten to counter the effects of childhood poverty on young children. A strong foundation in early childhood is crucial to a student's ability to do well academically in middle and high school. #StartNow

A New Understanding of the Childhood Brain



This article looks at some of the cultural barriers and stigma faced by students of color when they pursue studies in STEM, examining reactions to African-American and Latino students 4th graders after winning a regional robotics competition. STEM subjects are demanding, but the additional scrutiny these students received could determine whether or not they choose to continue to advance in these fields. One way to help address this is to ensure these students have STEM mentors who can help them move beyond these impediments to continue to #AimHigh in their pursuit of a STEM career.

Minority Students Face Cultural Barriers to STEM



Key factors to student success in college, career and life consist of not only a rigorous course of study, but the integration of applied skills such as collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving into the classroom.  This piece explores the need for and benefits of students learning how to collaborate in teams, now a necessity for college and the workplace. The article cites a survey by the Association of American Colleges and Universities  which found that "more than 80 percent of midsize or larger employers look for collaboration skills in new hires". Integrating collaboration into the classroom or helping students develop this skill through internships and other work-based learning opportunities will ensure students have the skills they need to succeed. #LookBeyond

Children Must Be Taught to Collaborate


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