Future Ready News

PARCC and Common Core: New Standards for Success

The new assessments are meant to gauge not only subject proficiency, but also test analytical thinking and problem solving skills. These skills are increasingly necessary for success in college and career. The new standards and assessments aim to provide students with the 21st century knowledge, skills and attitudes they will need to successfully navigate the world beyond high school.

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Getting Students Future Ready for College and Career

The new standards set a bar beyond the goal of simply graduating from high school. They ensure that every student will be “future ready” for college or career and the assessments have the potential to give parents, students and educators a true measure of whether they are on track to reach that goal.

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What is Future Ready?

Future Ready Massachusetts is a campaign to promote understanding and use of the various tools that will help the Commonwealth’s students get ready for college, career and life! The purpose of Future Ready is not only to inform students about their options, but also to help them plan and take the steps necessary to achieve their goals.

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