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Avoiding Burnout

We know this can be particularly challenging, complex, and heart wrenching. Passion for the work makes you great at getting the job done - but it is that same passion that can also lead to burnout and compassion fatigue. Remember - you are the biggest asset you bring to at-risk students!

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The Growing Importance of Computer Science

Last week the nation celebrated Computer Science Education Week, a week to inspire K12 students’ interest in computer science. The week’s activities included Hour of Code which gives students exposure to coding and computer science. One-time opportunities are good, but long-term exposure to computer science through the K12 system would be better.

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Pick Your Passion in YPFF

The middle school years are a great time to begin or continue the conversation on developing a life pathway, and the middle school portal of YourPlanForTheFuture (YPFF) can help. The Pick Your Passion assessment in YPFF leads students to discover which areas of their personality are the strongest and how their attitudes and beliefs represent different personality traits.

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