About Future Ready

Future Ready Massachusetts is a public campaign to enable communities to promote understanding and use of the various tools that will advance the college-and-career-readiness of the Commonwealth’s students.  The Future Ready campaign aims to:

  1. Increase the number of students pursuing and succeeding in college and careers, and

  2. Build community and family support for completion of a rigorous course of study and relevant experience, which offers better opportunities after high school.  

Although Massachusetts has many promising college and career ready programs, the resources that help a student make informed choices about what course to take or extracurricular pursuits to consider are not always clear and accessible.  The Future Ready campaign identifies and promotes resources in a comprehensive way, and supports their effective coordination and communication through this website and toolkits for adults who work with and influence youth. 

Future Ready also works with communities to develop local Future Ready action plans that similarly connect programs and resources. These communities engage local K-12, higher education and business stakeholders in collaborative planning and action to ensure that all students are ready for college and career.

What does it mean to be Future Ready?

To be Future Ready means having the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to complete further education and training that will provide access to the career of your choice.  The three keys to achieving your goals are:

Start Now: It’s never too early or too late to start planning for your future

Aim High: Students who challenge themselves through a rigorous course of study are usually the ones who go the farthest

Look Beyond: Look outside the classroom for learning opportunities that support career pathway development

Reaching Students and Families

Real people are the “bridge” of this campaign – influential adults equipped with key pieces of information on college and career readiness preparation, provided by the Future Ready campaign, are the most important point of contact to students.  These adults help students connect the dots between future career interests and the education and training requirements needed to get there, using resources identified through the Future Ready Massachusetts website and in other materials.

Future Ready Advisory Council

Jon Dasilva
Regional Learning Center Manager
CVS Health

Janine Dempsey
Market Human Resource Manager | Region 15/Market 160
Walmart Stores, Inc.

Rick Fredkin
President and CEO/ Owner
Eduporium/ Hardwick Technologies

Joel Swarzt
Head of Human Resources, North America
Syneron Candela

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