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    Help students reach their DREAMS by supporting Future Ready's crowdfunding campaign to translate the Mentor Toolkit into Spanish and Portuguese. Check out the campaign.

  • Are you ready for the future?

    Being Future Ready means having the knowledge, skills and attitudes to complete whatever education and training you need to achieve your goals in school, work and life.

  • Early experiences shape a child’s future.

    Children need strong support to develop their intellectual and emotional foundation. Find out more about Early Education and Elementary Education and how you can support your student.

  • Prepare for the challenge of a rapidly changing world.

    Students in Middle School and High School need to take advantage of challenging academic study, lessons that are relevant in the real world, and learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

  • What does it take to be ready for life after high school?

    Being ready for life Beyond High School means having the right skills and aptitudes to succeed. How do you know if someone is “Future Ready?” Find out what it means and track your student’s progress with our checklist.

Start Now

Students need more than just a dream for the future – they need a plan to get there. Sometimes knowing the options is all it takes, and Future Ready Massachusetts can help you make a plan. Get your student started on their way to academic, professional and personal success with the free Your Plan For The Future today!

Aim High

Anything is possible if you challenge yourself. Students should take the most challenging course of study they can. Taking challenging courses in high school is the single best predictor of how well students will do in college and at their jobs. Check out MassCore to learn what courses are recommended here in Massachusetts. 

Look Beyond

There are so many opportunities to gain work and life experience outside of the classroom. You can find jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities that help your student explore interests while building workplace and interpersonal skills. Check out the Connecting Activities website and the Future Ready Resource Finder.

Are You College and Career Ready?

Future ready students have the book smarts, work sense and thinking skills to take on college and a career, for the future they imagine. Find out if your student is future ready.  Read More...

The Growing Importance of Computer Science

Last week the nation celebrated Computer Science Education Week, a week to inspire K12 students’ interest in computer science. The week’s activities included Hour of Code which gives students exposure to coding and computer science. One-time opportunities are good Read more...

Starting Intentional Conversations on College and Career Readiness

If you missed our webinar, Intentional Conversations on College and Career Readiness: Putting the Mentor Toolkit into Practice with Mass Mentoring and the MetroWest College Planning Center, check out the takeaways about why the Toolkit is an important tool to incorporate into your college and career readiness work Read more...